Preventative maintenance – short term savings will cost dearly in the long term

13 September 2019

Despite the availability of statistics about the value of regular servicing and maintenance of all equipment required for the proper functioning of commercial property – from office complexes to malls or warehouses – many companies remain reactive and do not make it a priority.

“This can cost them dearly in the long run as replacement of equipment or substantial upgrades can be significantly more expensive than budgeting for and executing maintenance programmes,” says Stefan Sander, CEO of Two Oceans Air Conditioning (TOAC).

“We have a dedicated service and maintenance team and work with the developers, owners and facilities managers of all projects, to guide them through the process and to create awareness of the importance of on-going, not sporadic, maintenance of HVAC systems. It is an operating cost that impacts profitability and too many facilities managers focus too strongly on the cost while not considering the risks of such an approach,” he says. reports that companies that have implemented comprehensive maintenance programs find that their total costs can be as much as 50 percent lower than the costs for those organizations that continue to maintain equipment reactively.

“Beyond the savings maintenance also delivers extended equipment life, reduced energy use, less system downtime, and decreased interruptions to building operations,” Sander notes.

The benefits of a maintenance programme from the day of installation includes:

  • Equipment downtime is decreased, and the number of major repairs is reduced
  • Better conservation of equipment and increased life expectancy of equipment, thereby eliminating premature replacement
  • Reduced labour costs compared to the likely cost in event of a breakdown or total system crash, which often leads to considerable overtime labour costs
  • Routine repairs can help avoid large-scale repairs
  • Improved safety and comfort of the occupants of a facility
  • Reduced opportunity costs in terms of downtime of any given facility or space

“We believe the benefits outweigh the costs over the long term and consider advice around a well-structured service and maintenance programme to be as important as our initial proposal for the best HVAC system suited to the building’s requirements,” Sander added.

“Also, new and advanced technology makes a noticeable difference in overall maintenance efficiency.  TOAC makes use of a computerized maintenance management solution that operates on an asset tag system, whereby each individual piece of equipment is uniquely identified. This enables us to keep accurate control of all assets, whilst providing a detailed history of each piece of equipment during its lifespan, delivering direct benefits to building managers.”

Sander notes that TOAC includes a twelve-month service and maintenance period at no additional cost to all projects and the company has a dedicated maintenance team, completely separate from the contracting team, that receive continuous training to keep up to date with advanced technology upgrades.