Doing ducting right

MEDIA STATEMENT 15 November 2019

Two Oceans Air Conditioning added duct fabrication to its operations as part of its ongoing commitment to drive efficiencies, reduce lead times and secure quality control for the large-scale HVAC projects it installs for many of the largest construction projects happening around the Western Cape.

“Modern construction continuously evolves and now often become complex construction projects requiring the use of advanced technology and, of course, the best materials and installation to secure the future comfort of building occupants and efficient energy consumption. We set up a duct fabrication unit at our plant in Montague Gardens in Cape Town to be able to deliver on those demands,” says Stefan Sander, CEO.

“What is especially important when it comes to duct manufacture is the compliance to standards in respect of fluid mechanics and how air ‘behaves’ within duct passages and associated fittings to ensure high efficiency and overall performance of the HVAC system,” Sander says.

“Also, air leakage is to be prevented/reduced throughout a ducted system. If not controlled and measured, air leakage can lead to a major ‘energy loss’, which again speaks to inefficiency and under-performance of the system. Therefore, duct joints and standards are especially important from manufacture through to installation,” Sander adds.

TOAC’s duct fabrication output adheres to the standards set by the SABS and ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) standards.

“Our production line is 75% automated which produces higher output and faster turnaround time. We comply to and maintain high quality manufacturing standards. This equipment is managed by a Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software system which enables downloads of duct design information directly from the design office to the machines for manufacturing. The use of such technology enables us to compete with any first world workshop and allows for us to work on multiple fast track projects simultaneously.”

TOAC’s fabrication division is an independently managed division.



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