Smart Solutions

We leverage proven technology and methodologies to bring all areas of your business – new and existing – into one smart, simple, secure, centralised system that allows you to access an entire portfolio remotely.


TOAC has a partnership agreement with IoT.nxt, a global software development company that offers IoT solutions worldwide. Our IoT platform forms a digital layer that connects all areas of your building and beyond – new and existing – into one ecosystem, allowing interoperability between all systems, and monitoring and control from a single pane of glass. The solution enhances productivity, drives efficiency, and maximizes savings to let your environment be controlled more intuitively, through real time visualization, monitoring and reporting.


The service and maintenance division within TOAC is managed independently, with a combined thirty years of heating, ventilation and air conditioning related experience. The maintenance team’s main objective is to offer a dependable service and guaranteed work. We employ our own service teams, who are highly trained continuously in line with technological advances.

Our service and maintenance division makes use of a computerised maintenance management solution that operates on an asset tag system, whereby each individual piece of equipment is uniquely identified. This enables us to keep accurate control of all your assets, whilst providing a detailed history of each piece of equipment during its lifespan.

We provide on-going maintenance for our completed projects and ensure that your systems always perform within design parameters.